Meet Brooklyn, NY based producer, violinist and songwriter Illicit Ghost. Her debut single “Drunk and Alone" (released 9/14/18) marries Fiona Apple’s lyrical strengths with Lana Del Rey’s somber but sultry pop, making for a sad-drunk millennial anthem that’s both painfully relatable and stunningly raw. The single was hailed by The Girl at the Rock Show as "hauntingly beautiful," "dark and poetic" by The New Nine, "refreshing" by When The Horn Blows and "music with substance that carries an unstoppable feeling" by NXTSTYLE.

"Money" (released 11/9/18) is the follow up to "Drunk and Alone." It is a cover of Pink Floyd’s original version from 1973. Premiered by A One Two Three Four, “dark beats creating a dark atmosphere, a unique yet ominous vocal and the production that is absolutely superb really showcases the talent that Ghost holds and how she is able to consistently create music that will leave you with your mouth hanging open.” Digital High writes:It takes an audacious kind of talent to even attempt a cover of one of the most prolific bands of the last half century, and an even more special kind to nail one.”

“Parties by Myself”is Illicit Ghost’s third single, released 1/28/19.

Illicit Ghost is currently finishing production on more singles to be released into 2019, distributed by AWAL